Your Dress

Dana made my dress beautifully and always gave excellent input and has a real passion for dress making. The fit and quality of my dress was superb, I was very much impressed by her professionalism, skill and creativity.
Christine Treacy

Commissioning a bespoke wedding dress design is a fun and exciting process. You can include all of the elements that you love in your ideal wedding dress.Your dress will then be designed and made without compromise on features, detail or quality of fabric. I use some of the loveliest silks and laces available. You can chose a design from my collection of samples or commission an individual design, either an adaptation from the range or a fully bespoke designed wedding dress. Many people do not have a fully formed idea of what they want in a bespoke design. Showing me a selection of shapes, textures and fabrics you would like to bring together is all that is needed to start the process. The collection that I have here provides a good idea of my style and is a good starting point if you are looking for a bespoke wedding dress designer.

Dear Dana. A small note to say a huge thank you for making me such a beautiful dress. Your creativity and kindness were given in abundance all of which helped make a wonderful day as well as a happy,relaxed and confident bride. Thank You.

My bespoke wedding dresses are priced individually. I offer a no obligation consultation of around an hour to discuss ideas. I normally ask for between six months to one year lead time but can often accommodate quite short lead times if needed. If you decide to buy a dress I ask for a deposit of 50% (non refundable) . The first stage is the making and trying on of your toile, a calico mock up. This is the traditional method for a bespoke design. Fit and features are adjusted at this stage. At this stage the design can be changed, skirts fuller, less full, bodice shape etc. The toile allows for the design to be seen as more than a sketch ! Once the silks have been cut into I can not offer any structural changes. Details can always remain flexible however.The next stage is to try on your dress for real for the first fabric fitting. I ask for a further 25% payment at this stage. The number of further fittings vary depending on the dress but on average one or two more are needed. I ask for the balance after the final fitting just before the dress is complete.